Manage your career and personal brand with ease.

Streamline your job application process and save time while elevating the quality of your submissions. Tired of the tedious job search? LayerSpark simplifies and supercharges, empowering you with AI-driven tools for a quicker, more effective hunt. Embrace a smarter way to land your dream job, where efficiency and excellence go hand in hand.

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Save all your experiences in one place.

Work experiences and accomplishments, all in one place ready to be used in job search assets!

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Create and save new versions quickly.

Stop searching through previous resumes and cover letters to find the perfect content. It's all here, ready to go!

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Best foot forward

With minimal effort, put your best foot forward with job search assets tailored for each job.

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Premium Features Coming Soon!

Using all your job search assets, our AI engine will be able to learn who you are and create assets based on job descriptions and hiring manager profiles!

Reduce the time and frustration needed to customize job search assets for each job

The job search is incredibly time-intensive and frustrating. The tedious job of customizing assets used in your job search can be easily handled by machines.

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